19th July 2012

Provided the times that would be suitable for our fortnightly meetings, and provided a link to this blog

21th July 2012

Finalised the time for our fortnightly meetings – Wednesday 9am – 10am

25th July 2012

Initial meeting with meeting with Paul, Alex and Brendan to see what projects or internships we’re doing. Brendan’s doing a map mobile application, while Alex is doing an internship at Unison.

There are concerns that maybe my proposed project is currently too restrictive.

Also went over what is required for our initial proposal report

25th – 26th July 2012

Provided updates on my Visual Basic keyboard work and requirements analysis.

While it was initially thought that a Visual Basic keyboard is required, there appears to be room in the wording of the proposal from NCC that an alternative solution could be used.

27th & 31st July 2012

Getting clarification on some of the Proposal report requirements, and provided an update regarding confirmation received that the virtual keyboard is for the kiosk application only – so an external keyboard shouldn’t be required.

2nd August 2012

Orgainised a Proposal presentation time and confirmation that our meeting for next week will be cancelled due to the presentations

3rd August 2012

Gantt chart question and answer

10th August 2012

Forwarded the recent conversations regarding the need for an external virtual keyboard due to third party forms being used in what appears to be future kiosk applications

17th August 2012

Provided an update of the keyboard – the Visual Basic vitual keyboard is not performing properly, but I have a working javascript virtual keyboard.

20th August 2012

Provided an update that a third party virtual keyboard would be considered for the kiosk.

22nd August 2012

Meeting – discussed where we were up to with the project, discussed the Analysis and Design Report requirements.

28th August 2012

Provided an update on the project – including a third party keyboard will now be used

5th September 2012

Meeting – demonstrated what I currently have for the kiosk application.

19th September 2012

Meeting – demonstrated what I currently have for the kiosk application, discussed what is required for the Final Report

9th October 2012

Verifying our next meeting is tomorrow.

10th October 2012

Meeting – discussed the remaining documents to be prepared, and the new computing postgrad degree.

17th October 2012

Clarifying that the client feedback part of the final report is directly between Paul and Lee. Also informed Paul of my meeting with Lee, and intention of spending some full days at NCC starting next Thursday until we have a working kiosk application on the touchscreen device.


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