7th June 2012

Had an initial meeting with Lee Tong (Web Developer & Administrator) and Andrew Siddles (IT Manager) at the Napier City Council building. The initial kiosk proposal was presented and discussed, and my credentials and interest in the project discussed.

8th June 2012

Was offered, and accepted, the opportunity to work on the kiosk project by email.

22th June 2012

Had a meeting with Lee to discuss the final kiosk proposal, and received some information for my first EIT assignment which was previously requested by email.

16th July 2012

Had a meeting with Lee and Charlotte Orr (owner of the design company 3webfeet Limited) to discuss the purpose of the kiosk, so that the kiosk design features could be developed by a professional designer at 3webfeet Limited. Also, discussed with Lee my research and work on the Visual Basic web browser and keyboard – the intention is to be able to have the keyboard and web browser communicating with each other in 3 weeks (when my first EIT assignment is due).

19th July 2012

Provided an update on the academic requirement deadlines, and enquired about project management documentation.

26th – 27th July 2012

Provided an update on the web browser and Visual Basic keyboard, and got confirmation that the virtual keyboard will be used only for the kiosk application.

6th August 2012

Provided a copy of the Proposal report, and put in a request for the designs from Charlotte and the current database tables.

8th August 2012

Provided an update on the information for the Analysis and Design report I’d need, and suggested using the Javascript keyboard I developed, instead of a Visual Basic one.

9th August 2012

Received an update that due to third party forms that may be used (in what appears to be future kiosk applications) that an external virtual keyboard is required, and a Javascript keyboard may not be appropriate.

20th – 21st August 2012

Discussed the use of a third party virtual keyboard, and set a time to meet with Lee and Andrew to discuss the project.

22nd August 2012

Meet with Lee and Andrew to see where the project is up to, what is required for the Analysis and Design report, and showed the current prototypes.

24th August 2012

Discussed which third party keyboard to use, and how it maybe opened and minimised within the kiosk application. Also received the current database tables and PHP scripts used online for the MyProperty and Cemetery sections, as well as the designs for the kiosk application from Charlotte.

27th August 2012

Discussed the possibility of placing the Subscriptions forms within iframes, as the databases for these are held outside of the main NCC database. The database for the Parklands section is being organised, although this is also held outside of the main NCC database.

28th August 2012

Got feedback on the network diagrams I had prepared, with a few changes needed.

29th August 2012

Recieved clarification on the database tables that appeared to be missing – some were not needed, and got the two that were. Also confirmed that the Parklands section will now be in an iframe too.

30th August 2012

Got feedback on the ERDs I had prepared.

31st August 2012

Sent Lee and Andrew a copy of my Analysis and Design Report – Andrew replied to say Lee is now on leave for a month.

6th September 2012

Meet with Lee (who wasn’t on leave yet) to see where the project was at, and discussed what would be needed to be done while Lee was away on leave (from next week to 15th October).

10th September 2012

Provided an update on a possible autocomplete search box for the application.

12th September 2012

Provided an update on a possible sliding menu for the application. Lee confirmed it was his last day today at work, until he gets back from leave.

16th October 2012

Organised to meet with Lee tomorrow

17th October 2012

Met with Lee and discuss what has been done, and what needs yet to be done. Also discussed my Final Report. Organised to spend next Thursday and Friday at least at NCC to try and get a working kiosk application.


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