Javascript On-Screen Keyboard

This discussion provides some help that I’ve used to create a Javascipt on-screen keyboard.


Information Included

The following information will be accessed from the kiosk when finished, and can currently be accessed online:

Various e-newletters will also be able to be subscribed to, currently available at


Project Summary

I am developing an application to run on a prototype touchscreen kiosk. The application is being developed for the Napier City Council, and the kiosk will be placed in the Napier City Library – further kiosks are expected to be developed for other locations if this kiosk is successful.

The application I am developing for the kiosk includes:

  • A Visual Basic browser with limited navigation
  • A Visual Basic virtual keyboard with limited functionality
  • A PHP web application for displaying property and cemetary records held in various Napier City Council databases
  • A JQuery sliding menu for the main navigation
  • A splashscreen, which maybe Flash based

Initial Post

I will be using the post function of this blog to document source information used in my final project of my Bachelor of Computing Systems degree. This will include:

  • Coding for my Visual Basic, PHP, MySQL components
  • Techniques used during the development of the project

I will be using the pages (linked to in the top menu) for documenting sponsor and supervisor communication and project development work.